Why a FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter?

Sliding folding shutters have numerous benefits over traditional roller shutters. They can secure very wide openings and openings with limited headroom. They can be used for straight runs or follow a curve, and can be hidden completely from view when they are not in use.

14 Reasons to use a sliding folding shutter

FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters are superior to traditional roller shutters in many ways. Here are 14 reasons why:

  1. FlexiGlide sliding folding shutters can follow a curve;
    Sliding folding shutters are the only type of shutter that can follow a curve. So, with a FlexiGlide shutter you can secure a curved opening in a beautiful, non-intrusive way.
  2. No bottom track;
    Our sliding shutters work without the need for a bottom track. So there is nothing on the floor for people to trip over.
  3. Recessed top track;
    You can recess the top track of our shutters. This makes the top track almost invisible and leaves the opening completely clear.
  4. Fold up when not in use;
    FlexiGlide shutters fold up when not in use. They're stored to the side where they can be stacked into a custom-built partition wall. So during trading hours you wouldn't even notice a shutter was there. No more big canopy boxes, just a clear opening!
  5. Non-jamming locking posts;
    FlexiGlide is the only type of sliding folding shutter with a special ratchet mechanism in its locking posts. This mechanism prevents the locks from jamming on uneven surfaces, which means our sliding folding shutters work perfectly, even if your floor or bulkhead is not perfectly level. More reasons why FlexiGlide is a superior sliding folding shutter system.
  6. Work without a motor;
    Our shutters are manual security systems that don't need a motor and electricity to operate. Compared to traditional roller shutters this makes them (1) easier and safer to operate and (2) quicker and more straightforward to install. It also means FlexiGlide shutters are easier to maintain and more reliable in use as they are not susceptible to power failures.
  7. A style for every situation;
    FlexiGlide shutters are available in 6 different types, so you can choose the style of sliding shutter that fits your particular situation. FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter layout is independent from style. This means you can work out every design detail without committing to a particular model. This can be an important time-saver.
  8. Needs very little headroom;
    The track of our sliding shutters is only 44mm high and so the system needs very little headroom. Therefore, FlexiGlide shutters fit in places where normal roller shutters wouldn't.
  9. Span unlimited widths;
    Our sliding shutters work for openings of unlimited width. One shutter can span the whole opening, so there is no need for intermediate posts, pillars or columns. With a FlexiGlide shutter the opening stays completely clear.
  10. Lightweight, but strong;
    Sliding shutters are manufactured using aluminium, which makes them lightweight but strong. This means you can use them on structures with limited support.
  11. Slide horizontally;
    FlexiGlide folding shutters slide horizontally: an elegant alternative in a world dominated by vertical rolling shutters. With FlexiGlide you'll have a fresh, modern-looking security shutter built to your design.
  12. Minimum amount of parts;
    We use a minimum amount of parts to build our sliding shutters. This makes them cost effective and easy to maintain. Like this we help you save time and money.
  13. Easy to operate;
    FlexiGlide shutters are very easy to operate and people need only minimal training before using them. This saves time and expense and lowers the chance of mistakes.
  14. Very versatile security shutter system;
    Our sliding folding shutters are extremely versatile. You can use them almost anywhere you would use a traditional roller shutter. In addition, they'll fit where normal roller shutters won't. FlexiGlide is an all-round security shutter solution.

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How FlexiGlide helps you save time and money

Flexiglide is the UK's leading supplier and installer of sliding folding security shutters. We will help you save time and money because we offer you:

  • Help during the design process. We'll do everything we can to help you choose the right product and develop your design around the shutter. We can supply you with shutter details in CAD format, specification text, samples, photographs, weight calculations and project drawings. If you want, we'll meet you on site to discuss all aspects of your sliding folding shutter installation so that you can be confident everything will work well.
  • Excellent delivery times. Our standard delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your specification. However, if your deadline is tighter, we'll do our very best to meet it. It's possible to have a FlexiGlide sliding folding shutter installed on site and working within a week of initial contact.
  • Over 10 years experience. We have been supplying and installing sliding folding shutters in the UK for over 10 years. You'll find FlexiGlide shutters in major shopping centres, airports, theatres, high-street retail shops, service stations, schools, food-serveries, and restaurants all over the UK. Working with us, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience to help make your project a success.
  • High standard of workmanship. We always work with a team of at least two trained and experienced installation engineers. Our installers work to a high standard and deliver high quality shutter installations. You'll receive a guarantee on our workmanship for 12 months; so in the unlikely event of any problems, you can be certain we will put it right.
  • Very competitive prices. We know it's important to you that your project is on time and of a high standard. But of course, it also needs to be within budget. That's why we keep our prices very competitive. In fact, if we can offer a better price than any of our competitors, we will!

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Why FlexiGlide is a superior sliding folding shutter system

Above all, we believe our product is superior to other sliding folding shutter systems available in the UK.

How FlexiGlide is different from other sliding folding security shutters

  1. Stronger top-track;
    The FlexiGlide track system is 20% heavier in construction and therefore more robust than that of some other manufacturers. This means you can expect a longer lifespan from a FlexiGlide sliding shutter.
  2. Rounded top track;
    FlexiGlide connecting pins at the bottom of the track are recessed. The track also has a rounded finish. These two things combined give the track a cleaner, more architecturally pleasing appearance.
  3. Heavy-duty locking knobs;
    We make our locking knobs from heavy-duty aluminium whereas others use plastic knobs. FlexiGlide locking knobs thread into thick metal blocks that will not strip.
  4. Glides smoothly;
    FlexiGlide rollers are 30mm in diameter, allowing your shutter to slide more smoothly than those with 25mm rollers.
  5. Polished stainless steel floor sockets;
    We use polished stainless steel floor sockets. These are more durable and look better than the plain steel sockets with a painted finish that others use.
  6. Self-adjusting locking rods;
    FlexiGlide locking posts have a unique self-adjusting locking rod with six different positions of adjustment. This allows for deflections in bulkheads and irregularities in floors.
  7. Padded end posts;
    The lead and end posts on FlexiGlide sliding shutters have a special soft padding. This protects adjacent finished structures such as glass or mirror pocket doors and columns.
  8. High strength steel hangers;
    The panels of FlexiGlide shutters hang from high strength, cold- rolled steel hangers which are highly resistant to metal fatigue. All top and bottom locking rods consist of 22 gauge high strength, cold-rolled steel as well. This makes our shutters very durable.
  9. Stronger locking units;
    FlexiGlide locking posts are one-third larger than those of others. This adds exceptional strength to the locking unit.
  10. Store very compactly;
    FlexiGlide grilles store in very compact areas. FlexiGlide requires as little as 134mm of stacking depth per lineal metre of opening; less than any other system.

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